Payment Process: First Consultation


 First Consultation – $99 only

Abby, our Service Executive, will call you first based on your prefered time.

In the call, Abby will ask few questions regarding your need from astrological perspective.

In order to generate an accurate vedic horoscope of yours, we need Exact Time of your Birth, Exact Location of Birth along with Date of Birth from your end.

How to make the payment:

In the call, Abby would also like to discuss and set up a meeting with you and Astrologer Dip over Zoom/ Google Meet/ Skype based on a mutually agreed date & time

After the date & time are fixed, Abby will ask for a token booking amount of $30 only. Payment Link:

After the payment of $30 is made, Abby will send a confirmation email along with acknowledgement.

In a separate email, your personalized Vedic Horoscope based on given Date of Birth, Time of your Birth, Location of Birth will be shared.

Just before the scheduled meeting over Zoom/ Google Meet/ Skype/Teams, you have to make the rest of the payment i.e. $69 only. Payment link:

Upon making the final payment, Astrologer Dip would join the meeting over Zoom/ Google Meet/ Skype/Teams for a 15 mins duration.


Discussion Points of the First Consultation:

>> Basic Vedic Horoscope Analysis & Prediction

>> One specific Query of yours to be answered

For any specific astrology based discussion and requirement, please visit